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Hello Ladies,


Where does the time go. I had it on my list of things to do in October - the Newsletter that is - and here I am, January 3rd, sitting at my kitchen table at ungodly o’clock trying to catch up on paperwork, which is stacked quite high and growing every day. Paperwork is one of those things that I continually put off and only do the bare minimum when I can, or when I absolutely have to. Maybe I need to dedicate an entire day to doing it all and then maintaining it - but I’d rather be sewing!

The reason I am so behind, not only with paperwork, but with all things Christmas, is because I was kept very busy catching up on the backlog of quilt tops which I can now say - with a big sigh of relief - are all quilted, bound, catalogued and delivered! Thanks again to Joe and Mary Gauci for their help in getting them quilted. It was very much appreciated and I will miss our little catch-ups. The CF Unit at The Children’s Hospital, as well as Ronald McDonald House, were, as usual, very grateful, and mentioned that they get busy during this time of year. Made me a little sad to think that the hospital gets busy during what is meant to be a happy and festive time of year.

In October Thomas, Joshua and Luke turned 16 and shortly after this little milestone, they started their Year 9 exams. It was a busy time in the Gheno household and once school was finished they weren’t the only ones who were relieved. Not sure if it’s just me, or if you all feel the same, but this year end seemed to sneak right up on me and before I knew it Christmas had not only come, but was also gone! One very exciting thing that has happened is that all three boys now have their Learners Permit and somehow over the next two years, we have to find the time to fit in 360 driving hours. We have a few road trips planned, including one to Sydney for a wedding in April, however, in reality, it’s nine hours there and another nine back, so all things considered they will have about six hours of practice each during this one journey - again, not sure how we are going to clock 120 each!

To finish off tonight, I have a large collection of quilt quotes which I save from time to time and thought I might like to share my 12 favourite ones.….enjoy

1. I have all the fabric I need - SAID NO QUILTER EVER
2. I cannot count my date complete - UNTIL NEEDLE, THREAD AND FABRIC MEET
3. Housework whenever -SEWING FOREVER
4. When things are in pieces - QUILT THEM TOGETHER
5. I only quilt on days - THAT END IN “Y”
7. A clean house is - A SIGN OF A BROKEN SEWING MACHINE.
8. Friends are like fabric - YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH
9. Keep your sewing machine close - AND YOUR QUICK UNPICK CLOSER
10. Quilters connect - THE PAST WITH THE FUTURE
11. Blankets wrap you in warmth - QUILTS WRAP YOU IN LOVE
12. So many designs - SO LITTLE TIME.

Nancy xoxo

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Thank you to the quilt makers below…..

Name Completed Quilts Quilt Tops from Kits Provided
Jan Gerrand 55 -
Nicole Court Quilters 25 -
Pam Selley 23 -
Liz Kenny 21 -
Kerin Donan 17 -
Rikki Thomson 10 -
Margaret Walker 9 -
Jackie Hamlet 8 -
Glenda Nelson 11 -
Paula Nash 7 -
Jen Bellmont 5 -
Lyn Bond 5 -
Helen Costeloe 3 -
Sue Reilly 3 -
Lyn Duhig 2 -
Shayne Davis 2 -
Lorelle Orbe 1 -
Robyn Avis 1 -
Gisella Baros - 80
Sue Reilly - 10
Robyn Robinson - 6
Liz Kenny - 7
Maria Kocjancic 1 -
Margaret Ridoutt - 5
Nancy Gheno 6 -
Mena Cucinella - 5
Jackie Hamlet - 5
Dianne West - 1
Anna Eddy - 1
Mary Griffiths - 1
Beth Mirtschin 2 -
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