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Newsletter and Cutting Bee

12 December 2018

Hello Lovely Quilters,

Every year, at around this time I say “next year I am going to be better organised for Christmas, so I don’t feel so rushed”. And then December arrives, and I’m nowhere near organised and once again I am rushing around like a crazy woman. I went to Northland yesterday afternoon to get three presents - yes only three for this particular visit, and I thought this will be easy as I knew exactly what I wanted and where to get them from. I figured if I leave home at around 12.30ish that will allow me enough time before school pick-up. WRONG! It took me at least 40 minutes to get there from my house, which usually takes about 15 and then another 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot. Yes REALLY! I am not even kidding. In my mind I am saying - “go home people - can’t you see I need to shop”.

My original plan was to visit the shops a few times and buy three, maybe four gifts at a time, so I could relax and take my time. Well I have now had to rethink that idea, and have decided to wait until late night shopping - yes I have turned into one of those people who do their shopping at all hours of the night - and this time I will do all my gifts at once and hopefully will not need to go back to the shops until well into the New Year.

So, with all that craziness aside, a big shout out the the ladies who have been able to come along to the quilting bees and make a number of quilt tops - 11 in total - which will be quilted early next year and donated in the next delivery. After we completed cutting all the blue fabrics, I purchased seven bolts of white fabric and one yellow, which ensured that I was able to make a whopping 68 kits. I will now get started on green, which will take substantially longer for two reasons - One - I will be cutting it out on my own- and Two (here’s the clincher) I don’t like green!

While on the subject of kits, if anyone would like to take a kit or two or six kits (hahaha), please let me know and we can work out the best way to get them to you. As you can understand, I don’t really have a great deal of time to actually be able to sit and stitch, as I am often busy cutting, quilting or making the kits, so if you have any time to spare, to help out, then I have the kits or fabric to cut - here and ready to go. It really would be a great help to the charity as it would keep the quilts coming in, which is the aim - to be able to provide quilts at a moments notice.

As per Quilting Bee Flyer below, there are still a number of places available for February and March (January is fully booked), so if you’d like to come along, please let me know, and I will pop your name on the list. It can be a busy (however quiet) day, sewing and concentrating, as I have found at the last three - the chatting was only present during lunch, as we all concentrated on our sewing and counting. Further dates will be advertised later in the year as we are planning an overseas trip for May/June, and I am unable to commit to further dates until this has been determined. But - as I said, happy to hand out kits or fabrics for cutting at any time.

I would like to finish by saying a big thank you one and all for your contribution this year. Whether it be donating completed quilts, coming along to the cutting/quilting bees, taking fabrics home to cut or kits to complete tops, it all adds up to make Inspirational Quilts the wonderful charity it is today.

And from me at this special time of year - May Loving and Happy times decorate your holiday season. May warm, special memories brighten your New Year and May the wonder of Christmas be with you throughout the year.

Blessings for now and into 2019.
Love Nancy


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Thank- you to all the quiltmakers. 1st July to 1st December 2018

Name Completed Quilts Quilt Tops
Sew and Sow 19 -
Liz Davies 15 -
Nancy Gheno 11 -
Heather Schache 10 -
Kerin Donan 9 -
Stitch Faeries 8 -
Heather Selley 7 -
Carmel Stonehouse 6 -
Pam Selley 6 -
Glenda Stacey 5 -
Trish 4 -
Judy Sanday 4 -
Rikki Thomson 3 -

Jenifer Prince
2 -
Liz Kenny 1 -
Lorelle 1 -
Natalie - C/- Stitch Faeries 1 -
Kerrie Stevens 1 -
Norma Thornton - 21
Dianne c/- Wandong - 4
Margaret Brown - 2
Stephanie Pens - 1
Jen Belmont - 1
- - -
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