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I am writing to express my family’s heartfelt thanks for the beautiful space-themed quilt that you made for our 8 year old son, Tor. (IQ number 1942). Tor recently underwent surgery in the Royal Children’s Hospital for complications that arose from his medical condition, cystic fibrosis. Your quilt was given to him when he was admitted into the ward, and brightened the room which became our bedroom for the week. The surgery was successful, and your generous gift helped our son to weather the experience with a positive frame of mind. Tor loves his new quilt and regularly asks for it to be on his bed at home.

I realise the time and effort that you spent creating the quilt and want you to know that your efforts are appreciated.

God bless you in your work.

Alison Bettanin

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Dear Nancy,

Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt our 3 month old daughter Rebekah received during our stay at Ronald McDonald House, Parkville.

Rebekah was born with Laryngomalacia where her larynx isn't developed and it falls over her airway when she breathed in. She had surgery to correct it, the surgery was a great success and we can't wait to watch her gain weight quickly now. When she is big enough for her cot we will be putting her special Inspirational Quilt on her cot.

Again thank you for her quilt, it's beautiful. This is a photo of her having nap with the quilt.

Jenny Schott

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Hello my name is Khrystal

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely quilt you made. We really appreciate your time and effort. Ellie loves it.

So very kind of you and your team to take the time to make the quilts and give them away.

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Hi Nancy,

As you know we took 30 of the quilts to the last sibling camp in January and offered it to the kids. They loved them, especially the girls. It was something special for them. We have also been taking them into the hospital when we visit the kids, in particular the little ones. In the past we have "boredom buster bags" but as the years have gone by we haven't had much luck in getting items donated for this, so we don't always have something to take the kids to cheer them up. The quilts have provided us that and the kids and parents love them. We've also given them to a few adults, who have had a particularly difficult year and their own health has gone downhill. I wish you could see the joy that these quilts bring to people. It makes them and me feel so special and makes us remember there are special people out there, who really do care about them.

I'm going to send a quilt out to a sibling in Mildura as I missed seeing them in hospital. She is 10 years old and had two younger sibling with CF who have been in and out of hospital a few times this year and one of them was very sick and they were at the hospital for almost a month earlier this year. For the majority of this time she stayed at home with her dad and grandma. This was very hard being away from her mum and her brother and sister. Her mum emailed me last week and mentioned that she has become a bit flat and depressed recently. I think a little gift in the mail will pick up her spirits. We are also hoping for her to attend the siblings camp next year.

Please thank all the ladies who help make the quilts - they are just beautiful. And a huge THANKS to you for your support and hard work. Thanks also for always thinking of us.

Monica Lay
Children's Co-Ordinator
Cystic Fibrosis Victoria - Southbank

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